Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gettin' Antsy

I'm happy to introduce guest blogger Phyllis McKinley to you today. I loved her response to my weight loss challenge (scroll back to the previous few posts if you're in the dark about my Eating Stress-Free & Healthy in 2016 Contest).

I hope you'll join Phyllis and me today! Hey, we'll even pro-rate losing 3-lbs in 3-weeks to losing 2-lbs in 2-weeks so the first set of  winners will still be drawn on Feb 2.

Okay, take it away, Phyllis ...

Gettin' Antsy

I was unwilling to release my social security number and bra cup size to join an online weight loss site. I did not want any more cartons of portion-controlled meals arriving at my door. The packaging (breaded and deep-fried with a scoop of marinara on top) tasted better than the food.

I had abandoned green shakes that substituted fresh grass clipping for smelly spirulina. I reasoned: cows eat grass. I eat cheese. Must be okay.

I knew I would never lose twenty pounds in two months unless I had my lips stapled.

Then I read Debora Coty's challenge: lose three pounds in three weeks. Perfect!

I'd attempted to lose three pounds twenty-two times before, but I knew this time I would succeed. Why? Because it was a challenge! I grew up in a family where "encouragement" was deemed useful as lawn ornaments in winter. My siblings and I became successful just to prove to my skeptical parents that we could do it.

Debora's challenge had another benefit: It was a simple first step. I've learned that breaking things down into baby steps - even tiny ant-sized steps - inches me toward reaching a goal.

"Go to the ant, you sluggard. Consider her ways and be wise ..." (Proverbs 6:6 NKJV)

Considering the ant enlightened me about which goals to focus on. I discovered ants cannot chew solid food. Instead they squeeze juice from bits of food, then throw away the leftover dry parts. Suddenly I knew I was ready to shed the husks of my life and focus on the sweetest parts.

To do this "winnowing," I know I will need to take persistent little steps and have the support of my "colony."

So I'm all in. I accept the challenge. How about you?

Phyllis McKinley, award-winning poet and author of five books, is a former Canadian. Her prose has been published in several Florida Writers Collections and Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

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