Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The 5 Faces of Fear (Part 2)

This post concludes The Five Faces of Fear, so be sure to scroll back to Part 1 so you'll be up to snuff before continuing. I previously posted the first two of my five basic fear categories, Spurting fear and Saturating fear, from my new book, F3. Here are the final three "S" categories:

Savory fear: The delicious thrill elicited by a specific, controlled thing or event. This is an intentional, emotion-driven temporary fear that we subject ourselves to because we know there's no real danger (or damage) involved. It's fear within the parameters of our safety zones, like riding roller coasters, driving fast, or entering a House of Horrors.

Simmering fear: The fear of the unknown, of things we've never experienced but have developed an underlying dread of based on other people's experience and our own speculation. Simmering fears include fear of the future, dependency on others, loss of employment or possessions, and the great unknown, death. The what-if's, my own personal nemesis that loves to keep me awake at night, also falls in this category.

Sovereign fear: Born of respect, this is the subjection under which we willingly place ourselves to those in authority, such as our parents, teachers, pastor, bosses, spouse, and above all, our Creator. Did you know there are over 100 scriptures advising us to "fear God" Oh, not in the sphincter-pucker sense, but through awe and respect due to the sovereign, powerful, almighty Commander of our universe.

Regardless of what category your specific fear monster falls into, naming it, confronting it, and boldly yanking off its mask is the only way to defuse its power over you. Because tolerating our fear monsters only makes 'em growl louder.

Which fear monsters are currently stalking you?

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