Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's a book like you doing in a place like this?

I received a note from an old friend in Alabama that I just had to share with you. I tweaked the names a bit for privacy. 
"I have the best story to tell you about your book, 365 Chick-isms, and where it ended up. My daughter, Ann, is dating a twenty-something guy named Jason who is very theological and serious about the Lord (which is good:) 
Last Saturday Jason brought Ann home from college for spring break and was sitting on our couch. Having nothing better to do at the moment, he reached over and picked up your little book. He started laughing, and just flipped through the book reading to us aloud and getting more and more tickled. 
Jason's friends met him on Sunday to go canoeing and camping in the Everglades, so I put the book in his stuff and he was so excited about entertaining his friends around the campfire with chick-isms! So, of all places, your book was read by a bunch of 20-year-old guys (who are still puzzled about how to handle the female race) around a campfire in the Everglades."
Well, well! I must say that's not exactly the way I pictured my book being enjoyed, but I'm totally glad it is! Thanks, Julia, for the great story.
I'd love to hear any other stories about my books ending up in strange places. 

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