Monday, April 4, 2011

Even the Rocks Will Cry Out!

Had a wonderfully uplifting weekend worshiping, learning and just plain goofing off with a delightful group of ladies at an international Free Methodist women's conference.

Representatives of three cultures were there, with interpreters simultaneously speaking during my talks. That was a first for me.

One group had headset translators, with a male translator sitting in the back of the room doing his best to translate unique Debbie Coty terms like "joy-sucking dully-funks" that are sprinkled throughout my presentations. I apologized to him afterward for my girls only talk that included the three B's: boys, boobs and babies. Thankfully, he had a robust sense of humor.

The other translator spoke aloud to her group, which created an interesting echo whenever I paused for breath. After the first twenty minutes, I got (sort of) used to focusing on what I was saying instead of standing mesmerized like a deer in headlights watching her lips fly. I'm quite sure I never got the hang of speaking slowly enough, and want to take this opportunity to express appreciation to hard-working, under-appreciated translators everywhere.

The sing-along songs were a real hoot. I almost always include one of my original funny sing-along songs in my presentations, and it was quite an experience when half of the group could't read the lyrics (in English) and therefore couldn't follow the gestures either. It was really hilarious watching everyone do their best to copy the hand motions of their neighbors without knowing what in the world they meant. The Haitian ladies did an especially good job ad-libbing.

But I'm telling you - there's nothing quite like singing spirited praise songs in a room full of simultaneous languages. Everyone came together in a unity of spirit that was incredible. God must have been smiling. I know I was.

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